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NUHS Centre for Healthy Ageing

Two positions starting around the mid-part of 2020

Research Fellow/Research Assistant - Human physiology and aging biomarkers
The successful candidate will manage a cross-sectional and interventional study that investigates the role of exercise and nutrition in mitigating biomarkers of aging. The candidate will work closely with a junior research faculty member and technical staff in performing the day-to-day operations. Experience with clinical research, basic molecular techniques (e.g. some cell culture, ELISA, qPCR) and human physiology research involving exercise testing, prescription, as well as body composition analyses, arterial stiffness measurements, etc. are highly desirable.

If you are interested, please contact:

Dr Jorming Goh at jorming@remove-this.nus.edu.sg



Kostenpflichtiger Universitätskurs für Elektromyostimulationstraining (EMS)

UNI for LIFE - Zertifizierte/r EMS-TrainerIn im Herbst 2020

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Sportstätten sparen Krankenbetten

Gemeinsame Pressekonferenz der SPORTUNION, der Österr. Ärztekammer und OGM am 2. 9. 2019

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Generalversammlung des VSÖ

Bestätigung des Vorstandes für weitere 3 jahre

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Die Bedeutung der Trainingstherapie

Bewegung statt Bettruhe

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